Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Searching for 15 Fallacies Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Searching for 15 Fallacies - Research Paper Example This is a fallacy because there are others who have been able to get jobs. 5. Our society is becoming more dangerous. This is a fallacy of Scare tactics. It makes people believe that the world is no longer a good and safe place for anyone. It forces people into taking action to secure themselves against the insecurities of the world. 7. â€Å"This has not traditionally been a partisan issue. Lincoln laid the rails during the course of a civil war. Eisen however built the interstate highway system. Both parties have always believed that America should have the best of everything† This was a statement by Barrack Obama about infrastructure. This is a fallacy of tradition. This is because the speaker is basing their argument on past events. 8. Our Mayor’s opinion about local crime is worthless. He cannot even manage to hold his household together having been married and divorced three times already. This is a type of fallacy called Ad hominen. This statement attacks the mayor’s personal life and not his opinion on local crime. 10. We need to spend more on education. Just because the Russians are, increasing military spending does not mean we should. The future of the nation depends on the children of today. This is a fallacy of Red herring. The person changes the topic. 15. Why suffer the embarrassment of morning mouth? Use xyz toothpaste every evening and wake up to a fresh, exiting mouth. This is a slippery slope fallacy. This is because it has the option of using the toothpaste but one may use something else for fresh

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