Thursday, September 12, 2019

Letter to self Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Letter to self - Essay Example Your journey in becoming a highly skilled communicator was filled with challenges, being an international student and not a native English speaker. You had to struggle in learning the complicated rules of the English language which so confused you at that time! Not to mention that you were very young and was at the phase of adjusting to a new culture in America, coming from your home country, Bahrain. However, due to your zest for learning and your persistence in mastering the English language, you succeeded in communicating effectively in your second language. You learned that you had to suit your style to your audience. It was easy for you to write informally when your audience were your friends and people who did not mind a more laid-back approach. However, when it came to writing formal essays, research papers and business correspondences, you found it more difficult to adjust your tone to a more serious audience. You’ve always been a great communicator, judging from your work in high school when there was no issue about using a second language. In your native tongue, you expressed yourself very well in both verbal and non-verbal ways. Your essays and letters were very clear and reflected your personality. Add to your strengths, your capacity to understand instructions well and deliver action quickly and accurately. In your first semester in College, learning English was no easy feat! You manifested weakness in exams and tests and were frustrated in performing poorly in such tasks. However, once you persevered in learning the language well, you were able to achieve the goals you set for yourself as a college student eager to prove your inherent skills and abilities. Living at a time when language evolves rapidly, it is easy to give in to the temptation to adopt colloquial and bastardized words in one’s writing. The proliferation of â€Å"text language† or short-cut spellings of words in text messages such as IKR (I know, right!_, BRB (b e right back) or even the oft-used LOL (laugh out loud) may confuse people with its use in writing. It is still not acceptable to use such in more formal writing work. Remember not to include them in your repertoire of words to use in your future business correspondences or else you might not be taken seriously. Learning about theories in your college years clarify much of what you will encounter in actual practice. That is why you studied about the works of prolific writers and authors. Reading articles and books helped a lot in building your vocabulary and developing our own style. Do keep reading books, magazines, newspapers and even online articles to keep you up-to-date and keep learning how people use the English language to convey their messages. You have also learned about the ethics of using other people’s ideas in your work. Never plagiarize. Give credit where credit is due. How would you feel if someone else snatched your awesome work or bits of it and never mentio ned that it was you who came up with such a brilliant idea? Reading other people’s works should not stop you from developing your own original ideas. Let it enhance your own imagination to create something related but different. Cultivate your creativity share your novel ideas with others. In your own practice as a business person, work on innovating things and come up with new strategies to promote your business. Use various communication avenues to disseminate it. As of this time, the internet is a great medium in sharing one’

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