Sunday, September 29, 2019

Main Stages of Child and Young Person Development Essay

Development skills can often be divided into categories such as emotional, social, physical etc. but all the different type of skill link together and help people to complete an activity, for example playing football needs physical skills for good balance and running, social and communication skills as you have to work as part of a team and intellectual skills for working out tactics as well as many more of the development skills. Building on these skills influences a child or young person to grow to become independent, more confident and to have the ability to socialize. The more skills needed the more interested a child or young person may be in a specific activity especially when they get older and enjoy being slightly challenged. An example of how a child may be affected because of a delayed development in one of the areas is a child with speech problems such as an speech impediment, this will have delayed her communication skills. This then may have affected their intellectual skills slowing her process of learning to read and write. It also may affect her social development as their may find it difficult to communicate with others and they may not understand her and may start to ignore her. The child may them feel frustrated and lonely effecting their emotional development. All these are led from having a delayed communication development due to their speech impediment. Another example is a child with a physical disability, their physical development may not be to the normal standard so they may not be able to join in with certain activities other children can. This could affect their emotional development as they may feel left out but also their social development as they can’t interact with other children when not joining in with an activity. If the physical disability is noticeable they may feel embarrassed which also with effect their emotional development and other children may not understand and think the child is different so they might not want to interact with that child which would then effect their social and emotional development as well.

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