Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Art works Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Art works - Essay Example v=FIVAEwjiU8I However, it is also no longer there. Due to copyright issues, they changed the music. The new music is more appropriate to the geographical location, but it does not have the power of the original, and there really is no narrative. The actual show in Hang Zhou is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSMDgMhfM_M I found this because I was a little suspicious of the Chinese watermark on the building face in the upper right corner of the screen. Since a Chinese travel site is responsible for a link to this video, perhaps it was intentional. However, the fountains in Hang Zhou seem more tuned to their music. It is possible that the sound actually controls the fountains. This is not the case in Dubai. In the first video there was a slight disconnect, because of this. The first musical fountin I ever saw was in Seattle and the music actually controls the fountain. It is only one fountain, but an excellent experience, since there is no disconnect between the audio and the vis ual. The location of the Chinese musical fountain is really worth noting as a work of art in itself. West Lake in Hang Zhou is three large lakes joined by bridges, and it has been developed as a local and tourist attraction based mostly upon the Legend of the Snake Lady. Many attractioins have been created and they are all affordable even to the lowest wage earners in China at ranging from 10 rmb (1.5 cents USD) to 75 rmb (9 cents USD)Ten wood carvings are located in Leifing Pagoda and a nightly show of music and dance telling the tragic story of the snake who turned into a lady and fell in love with Xu Xian . "Leifeng Pagoda in Evening Glow" is one of â€Å"Top Ten Views of West Lake†. In the pagoda, you also can find a series of wood carvings themed Legend of the White Snake. Faced on three sides by typical Chinese landscapes of cloud shaped hills, the lake has been developed artistically as a World Heritage Site. The light and fountain show, Time to Say Goodbye is located in an inlet on the lake shore where these hills are the visible background on one side and the cityscape is the other. The fountain show plays nine to eleven times daily and it is free. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXCTt8hXtF8 I found this video of the rather disturbing. I would not walk twelve blocks to see it. There was no narrative to connect the audio and the video. The sculpture was nice and changing the lights and colors is a great idea. But nice is not art to me; it is decoration. I would also prefer more musical sound, perhaps short musical sound bytes. The sound was the most disturbing element of this work, as it also had no connection, but seemed like a selection of random sounds, some quite unpleasant with random spaces of silence. Then if the viewer could control the whole exhibit somehow, either with a keyboard or with a pressure board or even video it could become quite interesting. As it is, it is obviously an expression of feeling, but it seems more like a nightma re, or indigestion. Of course this might have been intentional if the artist dislikes human creations and thinks they should not be seen alongside nature. I was unable to find out anything about this video, so I cannot even guess by the other works of this artist or by his or her history. Because of the extreme disconnection between the very ordered stack of blocks and the weird sounds, I assume that this is an intentionally

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