Friday, September 13, 2019

Personal Peflection Paper Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Personal Peflection Paper - Assignment Example They carry out interviews to select the most competent persons with integrity. This process should be fair to have the right persons employed. It determines whether the candidates possess the health skills and knowledge needed to execute health duties with quality performance. Disciplinary terminations are also carried out by the HR staff. The health sector is demanding, and competent people are needed to provide proper services. Healthcare industry has a significant difference from other enterprises and thus requires the personnel to have sufficient knowledge and skills in performing their duties. Due to the changes in the health care systems technology has been introduced and much of the work computerized thus frequent training and workshops needed for employers. The HR staff is consistently providing training for its employees hence equipping them with the right skills and making them more competent. The process of training is working out well for the health organization and has highly contributed to the success of the health care by enhancing its credibility. The HR staff has a significant role in motivating the health care employees on their performance. The staff does various things to ensure that the workers’ performance will lead to attaining organizations goal and also give recommendable services as required. HR staff has provided benefits to employees such as promotions for the best performing workers. It has great an impact on the health care center since the employees get devoted to providing quality work that contributed the well-being of its clients since they get proper attention. The HR has initiated employee empowerment programs and also gives incentive to employees to motivate them. The HR has a responsibility to plan for the organization. In the health care enterprises, planning is essential and demanding than other firms. Management of risk relies on planning.

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