Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Essay --

Chief Joseph was the Nez-Pierce chief. He became famous when he tried to get his tribe to the Canadian border to be free. He did it so he and his tribe don’t go to reservations. He was considered to be one of the best chiefs ever. He took his fathers place as chief. His early life, leading years, and the end of his life tells what he had to go through to lead his tribe to freedom, even though it ended in vain. Joseph was born on March 3, 1840, in Wallowa Valley, Oregon Territory. His formal Indian name translates to Thunder Rolling Down the Mountain, but he goes by Joseph. He was named after his father, Joseph the Elder. He was named after he was baptized. His father’s relationship with the whites was unclear. He had been one if the first Indians to convert to Christianity. He forged a new treaty that created a reservation for the Nez Perce. When gold was discovered in the territories, white people began to come onto their lands. The treaty was soon destroyed after the U.S. government began to take back millions of acres that they had promised to Joseph the Elder. When Joseph the ...

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