Saturday, September 7, 2019

Gentile Taxonomy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Gentile Taxonomy - Essay Example While walking to the carpet from the linoleum, the task is classified under the environmental closed. Besides, it falls under the stationary intertribal variability. When considered from the desired outcome, it falls under the body transport with no manipulation. However, when considering walking from a hall going up the stairs, the performance falls under the same consideration with the difference on the body transport, which must be grouped under the manipulation. Walking on the treadmill using escalator will fall under the open environmental condition with motion no intertribal variability. Besides, it falls under the body transport with no manipulation under the desired outcome segment. The last aspect of walking is while holding hands in the treadmill. This task falls under the open environment context but still under the motion no intertrial variability. However, for the desired outcome, it falls under the manipulation in the body transport segment.Improving learning outcomeThe taxonomy enables the learner to perform higher and improve their skills whenever they use the classification later when compared with the previous instances. The taxonomy can used to ensure there is consistency so that one can assess the similarity between different performances. The element of persistence as well can be used improved using the classification by ensuring that the skills gained by the learner last over time. The model can enable the learner perform other activities thereby reducing the demand for attention.

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