Friday, October 18, 2019

US. foreign policy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

US. foreign policy - Essay Example n expert, Gilles Dorronsoro states that the Afghan government is now operating independently and there is a good chance that it can withstand threats from the Taliban after the pullout of American troops. In spite of this optimistic position, it is doubtful that the US can destroy the military power of the Taliban in less than a year. Ex-Taliban leader, Abdul Salam Zaeef states that the Taliban machinery is strong in recruiting more militants and it will not be possible that the US can use military force to exterminate the power of the Taliban in the short run. Observers like Zaeef and NATO have urged the United States to negotiate with the Taliban. This option also comes with issues. It is widely feared that the Taliban might want a compromise that will cause problems for the Afghan government after a US pullout. This possibility is confirmed by Zaeef who goes further to opine that Afghanistan after a US withdrawal will fare better under a strong dictator who will wield enough power to disarm and punish the troublemakers amongst the Taliban. In any negotiation, the Taliban are likely to demand for more control and a more Islamized country. This is dangerous because it can potentially lead them to stir up further power struggles that might destabilize the country. This makes negotiation a less desirable option for the US. Obama however states that America might be prepared to negotiate with the Taliban if they break away from Al Qaeda, renounce violence and prepare to abide by the Afghan constitution. American officials state that some central authorities like the Taliban leadership of Quetta, Pakistan are prepared to abide by these conditions. However, it is doubtful that the radical and younger groups will accept such demands prior to negotiations. The US might need a strong compromise to protect its interest and this entails the elimination of the Al Qaeda threat and the prevention of a possible civil war. For these two ends, America is prepared to

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