Friday, October 4, 2019

Information Communication, Knowledge management Essay

Information Communication, Knowledge management - Essay Example This will give a more current and topical feel to the subject. In this regard, as a country Pakistan is growing everyday by leaps and bounds in the technological arena. Hence, it has been seen that a country that is in the depths of development is always in dire need of a unique knowledge management system. In this regard, Si3 is Pakistan's leading IT Systems Integrator. As a model for IT integration, It has the capacity and experience for providing strategic technology solutions to business. It is providing IT solutions to different industries such as Financial Services, Oil & Gas, Telecommunications and to Public Sector. These industries have widespread use of the tools of knowledge management as the information from within needs to be transmitted to effectively to various external parties in terms of policies, financial statements, innovations, among other. (Wilson, 2002) Therefore, it has been observed that this IT system integrator has the capacity to promote knowledge management within its own framework. Knowledge and information have become almost interchangeable in their ability to transform workplaces and make the rest of the aware of the various activities that take place within it. Recognizing this premise, the company is providing result-oriented solutions to various industries. It is working with its alliance partners with an unmatched level of domain knowledge. It empowers organizations with inventive and scalable technology solutions thereby increasing the industry's competitive advantage and return on investment. (Wilson, 2002) Before delving any deeper into the elements of this brand of knowledge management, it is important to study and analyze the exact implication for this management tool as regards an information management. (Source: Wilson, 2002) This diagram depicts the growth of titles using knowledge management. In this regard, information management may be defined as something that involves deploying new technology solutions, e.g: content or document management systems, data warehousing and portal applications. It covers all the systems and processes in an organization for the creation and use of corporate information. Information is the most pervasive element across all human actions and interactions. Managing information has become one of man's most difficult tasks. Variety of information sources has changed information from mediocrity of data to a natural efficacy and requirement. Information management involves people, processes, technology and content. (Wilson, 2002) Knowledge management encompasses strategy, method, practice and approach in an organizational context. Data represents facts or values of results and has the capacity to represent information. Patterns of relations of data, and information have the capacity to represent knowledge. This shows a strong connection with the premise that Si3 operates on in terms of the use of various tools of information technology to integrate the knowledge within the organization. This also promotes a stronger and wider base for communication. In this regard,

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