Friday, October 18, 2019

The Appeal Court Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Appeal Court - Research Paper Example The appeal was based on the fact that the evidence put forth by the prosecution was not sufficient enough to prove him guilty and the decision should be reversed in favor of the appellant. According to the case, the prosecution in the trial court postulated that both Jonathan Parker and Leroy Lewis were narcotics dealers and that Parker had killed his associate Lewis because of his failure to share the robbed cocaine equally among themselves.The prosecution argued that Parker shot Lewis on his head after discovering that Lewis had lied about the total amount of narcotics stolen. The prosecution roped in three other drug dealers to strengthen their argument. On the other side, Jonathan Parker appealed that the evidence put forth by the government was not direct but a wrong inference which was deducted out of unrelated activities. His main defense points were that there was no eyewitness to testify the shooting or to give any statements concerning about the shooting. The prosecution al so could not prove the matching of DNA or fingerprints nor the motive for the killing. They also failed to find or identify the weapon used for killing Lewis. The above case shows how the prosecution used circumstantial evidence to present their case. The appeals court, in this case, had to reverse the decision as this circumstantial evidence does not stand as absolute evidence against the appellant. The court decision must be based on concrete evidence which supports the conclusion of the inference drawn by the prosecution against the defendant.

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