Monday, October 7, 2019

Database Applications Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Database Applications - Essay Example n system (CIS) is frequently a minor track inside the computer science area pursuing the study of algorithmic and computers procedures, comprising their principles, hardware and software designs, applications, as well as influence on society. Generally, a IS field puts emphasis on functionality over design (Kwame & Oduro-Kwarteng, 2009). This report presents the advantages and disadvantages of implementing the new software using database technology. In additional, this report will describe the relational database model and the benefits of a DBMS. Also, this report will provide a detailed analysis of the databases and new software implementations. The implementation of modern and up-to-date techniques of information technology in any organization tends to powerfully influence the growth, utilization, and application of business information. In this scenario IS uses a series of processes and methodologies that could be employed to facilitate the development and utilization of an information system. In addition, a number of developers have developed and employed engineering technique like that system development life cycle (SDLC) that is a systematic process of developing an IS by dividing it into phases that occur in series. Additionally, an IS could be developed in house (inside the business) or outsourced (outsourcing to outside firm). Furthermore, this development could be more successful through outsourcing certain parts or the whole system (Kwame & Oduro-Kwarteng, 2009). Kwame & Oduro-Kwarteng (2009) stated that in wide sense, the term IS refers to the communication among algorithmic procedures and technology. However, this communication could happen inside or across organizational boundaries. In addition, an information system is not simply the technology that a business employs, however it is a way in which the organizations implement the cooperation of the technology with the organization’s procedures. However, information systems are different from IT

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