Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Essay #3 advertisement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

#3 advertisement - Essay Example This paper argues, however, that these attempts are more focused on capturing a broader audience, without truly advocating racial diversity in the modeling industry and society, in general. Advertising on magazines reflect ethnic ambiguity to send the message that companies embrace racial diversity, although their choices of models and manicured pictures reveal the fallacy of promoting racial diversity. Magazine advertisements increasingly employ ethnically ambiguous models to send the message that companies promote racial diversity, which is critical to their bottom-line. In Pimps Up, Hos Down: Hip Hops Hold on Young Black Women, Sharpley-Whiting discusses the rise of ethnically ambiguous models in print and TV ads. Fashion magazine editors, for instance, believe that â€Å"race mixing† is the new model standard (Sharpley-Whiting 30). In the journal article â€Å"Consumer Magazine Advertisement Portrayal of Models by Race in the US: An Assessment,† Peterson examines models from different races in consumer magazines. She discovers that for these advertisements, minority models are projected positively and in increasing numbers. Hopper, in Understanding Cultural Globalization, explores globalization and its effect on cultural hybridization (146). For him, many companies find it beneficial to use models that have â€Å"cross-over appeals,† so that a larger market can be attracted to its products (Hopper 146). Numerous advertisement images are more directed toward broad audiences, because if narrowly-defined audiences were more targeted, models would be more representative of their ethnic/racial groups. Either way, the company’s agenda is economic in nature. These advertising measures are mere tactics, however, that expose their unease in featuring darkly-colored models. Osei-Kofi, in the article â€Å"Multiracialization, Mixing, and Media Pedagogy,† asserts that that racial ambiguity serves commercial purposes more

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