Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Hulse Letters Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 2

Hulse Letters - Assignment Example In letters written by Hulse to his mother, the soldiers are seen determined, hardworking and impatient in the first months when preparing for battle, in his first letter he enthusiastically explains to his mother about their work in the mobilization of machinery and the soldiers readiness to set them in motion at any time, he talks animatedly about their position and the strengths of the British and French forces and fleet as compared to the German side.1 In his second letter he hinted of the start of the battle and talks about delivering a lecture to his platoon, he reminded them of their duty to their country, discipline and the treatment of all inhabitants with kindness. This is a depiction of a good leader setting an example for his fellow countrymen and giving them the necessary confidence and attitude to carry into the battlefield. As a leader he vows to set an example in his home or abroad when serving his country and king.2 The weather conditions in the field were wet and dreary, at first it hot and the temperatures inconveniencing, however the battalion and all its soldiers were fit and healthy raring to go on. These conditions changed after some time and the hot temperatures gave way to cold winds and rainfall, the poor weather conditions kept on deteriorating with heavy rains and sheets of snow and sleet. The trenches that had been dug in the fields would often flood and this would be uncomfortable and would dampen the soldiers and their drive.3 Due to the unpleasant conditions in the trenches and poor sanitation, the soldiers would get sick quite often due to the dampness that followed. The author got sick with dysentery and had to be lifted from the trenches with a high fever and barely conscious.4 These poor conditions saw the French hospitals overflowing with the soldiers who were sick due to the incessant rain and cold. This would

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