Friday, August 30, 2019

Choose a Favorite Food, and Write a How-to Essay Explaining

In this project I learn that Alfredo sauce can be used for a verity of recipes and meals. Alfredo sauce can be used in pasta, chicken, and maybe you can mix some vinegar into Alfredo and make a dressing out of it for salads. I also learned how to cook pasta with Alfredo and chicken and make my own things with Alfredo. I definitely can say that I can cook with Alfredo. You know if you think of it cooking with Alfredo is not that hard to make. You can cook some chicken and put Alfredo on it. You can boil pasta and put some Alfredo on it. Also you can make a pizza or enchiladas and put some Alfredo on it.Has you can see Alfredo can be has a dressing for a whole much of things. In this project I also had to make myself a resume. That was the first time I made myself one and I did it by myself it wasn’t made. So I can make me a resume anytime for future needs. Making my resume meant I had to know all of my skills and objective and things like that. For me that was really good to kn ow how to do it at my age. So I can do it in the future when a job I want to do wants a resume. In the first part of the project we had to actually cook our chosen recipes.That was some experiment for me because I got the chance to cook something for my family instead of eggs and pancakes or something like that. So that was really fun for me. In the second part we just had to pick random recipes. When I was doing that I saw, like I said in the beginning, a lot of meals with Alfredo sauce in it. So that was something to know about, seeing a lot of recipes I didn’t even know Alfredo can be used for. Like one recipe it was like chicken wrap in with ham and cheese and Alfredo on top of it. That meal I had the chance of doing it and tasting it.SO when I decided to make it I thought it was weird. I never thought that could be thought of to make and the taste was really good that I still do it today sometimes when I cook for my family. Well the way I did it was good. I followed the directions but the taste might have been different then mine, but mine was still good and sometimes I add a little things to it and make it better. Well that recipe was good and one I never would of that Alfredo would be in it. This is probably the things I learned during the time I did the project.

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