Monday, August 26, 2019

Business submission Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Business submission - Essay Example ch activities include; shifting manufacturing techniques or method, adopting new, better input materials, re-utilizing materials on site, and adoption of new product changes as well. Note that this has no exclusion to other firms under the same industry (Leipziger 2010). Precautionary approach to environmental challenges on the other hand involves organized use of risk assessment through identification of hazardous features or characteristics, management, as well as risk communication. This is based on the degree of certainty as shown by scientific evaluation techniques which must be conducted prior. Under this principle, the following activities by the organization in question (Microsoft) and its competitors have been witnessed. Provision of better information to the clients, communicating possible risk to the customers, the surroundings, or even the public and obtaining prior permission before certain commodities, are thought to be potentially harmful (Akhtarkhavari 2010). My position is to encourage these organizations to continue with such practices since they are essential in the compliance with the two principles of Global Compact. Despite the fact that the above business practices aim at compliance with the two principles I mentioned earlier, they also come with little side effects which we must agree to take charge of. To begin with, there are positive lessons learnt from the activities of Microsoft as it aims to comply with the two principles under the Global Compact. These include; the implementation of environmental friendly technologies that help in reduction on the use of raw materials, which in turn result into increased efficiency. Secondly, innovations pertaining to technology create a new whole world of more superior business opportunities which in turn helps the business to remain or win competitive advantage over others in the same industry. Furthermore, such technologies that use input materials more efficiently and even cleanly may be applied

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