Thursday, August 8, 2019


BIOGRAPHICAL OF 3 INDEPENDENT FILM PRODUCERS - Essay Example He was one of those famous personalities who dropped out the university due to poor grades! This could be well judged by his saying, Mentoring relationship is considered as a main entity for famous personalities who make them get a competitive edge. Same with case of film industry, every producer, director etc. needs a mentor. Allen’s mentor is Ingmar Bergman who is always there to offer him support, guidance and inspiration. Woody Allen was personally inspired by famous characters such as Charlie Chaplin, Fellini and Bergman. His most of the movies were the result of his motivation gained through New York City and European cinema. His earlier profession started when he began writing scripts for â€Å"the Ed Sullivan show, the tonight show and Caesar’s Hour†. His career as a â€Å"stand-up comedian† started in 1960. Through his unique style of writing and acting he soon gain fame as a popular comedian on screen and stage both (Woody Allen). His debut film as director released in 1966 What’s Up Tiger Lily? After that various movies directed by him include Take the money and run, followed by his hit movies Annie Hall, the purple rose of Cairo, Match Point and Hannah and her sisters. These romantic-comedies won academy awards. Later on, 1970s was the era of his personal movies which got extended to dark comedic suspense movies in 1990s. He managed secured funding through various financial support offered through BBC, his filming locations such as New York, United Kingdom and by casting famous rich personalities in his movies like France’s first lady Carla Bruni. Allen’s artistic philosophies had many roots. He always thought about how far we people know, understand what we knew, sure enough of what we know and consider them knowing worthwhile! He always highlighted the facts that people are afraid to share or expose to others. He also focused on the dark secrets of nature

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