Thursday, November 21, 2019

Why do you think the way you think Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Why do you think the way you think - Essay Example I do not prefer change when something is working fine for me. I do not analyze or evaluate when something is not clear or accurate to me. I believe that being a narrow minded person there is no harm. I enjoy being a narrow minded, and I have not faced any serious problems in my life yet. I think that everyone has the right in this world to learn or understand others. I have not been into any complex process which makes me think less critically. Being narrow minded I am not open to new ideas. At times, I am dependent on objects, tools and machines rather than ideas of others but sometimes I think the way other people think or have experienced in their life. There are some situations where I lack in gathering information. I do not communicate with others that much regarding the problems I face. I do not search for evidence when making decisions. I do not make analysis on ideas and sometimes lack in understanding the concepts, information and attitudes. I do not judge people extremely quickly. During reasoning, I sometimes make common mistakes and face confusions. My thinking is based on my emotions and as a result I sometimes involve myself in arguments on things which I do not know. Sometimes I face problems in making others clear about my ideas because of lack in confidence. I always get hooked up by the usual and safe things. I have always preferred a safe side. In my life, so far, I have not stretched my efforts towards critical thinking as I think that I am not in th at stage. I always prefer to explore and accomplish things on my own rather than relying on others. I always prefer working with tools, objects etc instead of depending on ideas, people and data. Being a realistic person I am more of a practical mind, aggressive in nature and conservative at times. However, my communication level might be low because I do not tend to get involved in social activities. At

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