Sunday, November 17, 2019

Prostitution Is a Problem Caused by Men Essay Example for Free

Prostitution Is a Problem Caused by Men Essay Prostitution is a problem caused by men. There arent any prostitutes for women. Its men who create the problem and men who make the laws. We have to admit that this is the reality. Although threr is a Gender equality law which was passed a long time ago (since the 1920s), women still have to suffer unequal treatment in many fields especially in creating the laws and prostitution is one of the most contraversial problems. We all know human beings have a desire for sex, except for sick or impotent people and cloisterers as well as monks. That is a normal physical demand. Sex is also the manifestation of love but in this case, we are just discussing a basic instinct. Men always have a stronger need for sex than women. That does not mean women do not, it is because of their shyness and social morality that keep them from expressing their desires. And men also keep the right to make the laws so that is the reason why prostitutes are for men only. I totally disagree with legalizing prostitution. It draws a guilt free road for men, especially married men. Some men vindicate that prostitutes help them clear out the stress that they get from work and meet their demands completely when their wives can not. But in fact, everything they do is worse. If prostitutes are just for fulfilling sexual needs, it is okay, but in many cases, men are addicted to prostitutes and spend most of their time relaxing with them. They do not care about what their wives think, give lots of money they earn to call-girls and treat their wives and children badly especially when their wives or children discover the bad things they do. And the two most dangerous consequences of prostitution are that men can bring sexually transmitted infections to their wives and many families might or have to cope with the breakdown when the wives can not stand their husbands’ behaviour any more. The other negative side of prostitution is the unequal field. There are just red light districts for men but not for women. Women and men have the same biological needs, so why do they not have their own playplace? Because of morality or the number of women in Congress and also the number of women holding a leadership position in a country is smaller than men? It is common even in the most developed nation The United States of America. In our history, only two queens have been able to control men and really spread equality all over their nations, they are Cleopatra of Egypt and Wu Zetian of China. I extremely admire them. If there were a person like them existing in this world, humanity’s history could change in another way and I am really sure it would be magical.

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