Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Reduce and Address the Issue on Gang Violence in Chicago Research Paper

Reduce and Address the Issue on Gang Violence in Chicago - Research Paper Example From the report it is clear that  gang violence has reduced both in low and high crime areas, there remain regions where violent crime rate is stile unacceptably high. Some of the gangs specialize in expressive violence while others specialize in instrumental violence.  This discussion stresses that Chicago registered the most murders than any other city in America. The rising homicide rate is attributed to the influx of illegal guns and gang violence. Gang violence is connected to disputes and turf wars and it seems that the problem largely affects the geographically and socially isolated neighborhoods. The incidences of gang violence mainly affect those living in the West and the South sides of the city. Although incidences of gang violence have declined considerably, the city is faring badly compared to other gang-infested cities such as Los Angeles and New York. This paper examines the history, prevalence and the solutions to the problem of gang violence in the Chicago city. The paper also examines how gang violence can be reduced through follow-up re-entry programs and community prosecution strategies.  The origin of gangs can be traced to the East Coast in 1820s and thereafter, in the Midwestern regions including Chicago and Los Angeles. The problem of gang violence in the United States is as old as humanity itself. The New York City is considered as a haven of the gangs in the country, and the emergence of gang-like groups began in late 1700s.

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