Saturday, July 27, 2019

Do you think that Crito is being a good friend to Socrates by trying Research Paper

Do you think that Crito is being a good friend to Socrates by trying to convince him to escapeThe focus on your reflection should be the nature of friendship.What does it mean to be a good friend - Research Paper Example 196). This statement would have us believe that Crito was not really interested in the philosophy of Socrates and thus does not qualify as a friend at all. However, in real life, friends may not understand our attitudes Critics have also pointed out to the role of Crito in the financial affairs of Socrates, which they use as a point to accuse Crito of false friendship. â€Å"Crito suspects that people will say that he had cared more for his money than for his friend†¦most scholars, failing to understand the depth of Crito’s concern, have picked out this argument to dismiss Crito as caring only for appearances† (West 71). Crito’s concern for his friend, has however been proved beyond doubt by his subsequent questions to Socrates. These questions include ones where he enquires of Socrates whether his refusal was because of the risks that he would run; â€Å"justice demands that friends run such risks† (West 73). That the concern that Crito expresses for Socrates is thus that which would be expressed by any true friend is evident from this. From the above analysis, it is fairly evident that the actions of Crito were totally selfless. His inability to completely understand the philosophy of his friend should not be held against him, since such instances are very rare where two friends are of the same intellectual

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